Dear Parents


Dear Parents, 

This year, the food bank is offering snack bags for kids at school.  Last month, we sent home an example of a snack bag with most students (those who were on campus and wanted to take one).  Next month, we will only order the exact number for those students who sign up to take a snack bag.  There will be a sign up sheet in each classroom this week and next week (the snack bags come on the third Wednesday of the month).  There are no financial requirements and no official sign up is required.  We simply need to know how many bags to order.  If your child is too young to sign themselves up, and you would like your child to be included, please text or call Amber at 707-354-3465.  Below is a list of items that were included in the last snack bag, if you didn’t see one.  

Cliff Bars


Apple Sauce


z -bars


Peanut butter

Pasta and sauce

Macaroni and cheese

Pillsbury Brownie snacks

The bags will vary every month. 


Thank you very much for your attention.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 707-354-3465

Amber Godey-Hamor

(As a side note, we do have a food bank here in town on the third Friday of every month.  The food bank provides amazing foods, including meat, butter, eggs and fresh vegetables.  Most families qualify for this, and in these times when prices are so high, it can be a very helpful addition to your household.  If you would like to sign up, call Amber Godey-Hamor or come by the foodbank (by Mark’s shop) on the third Friday.)